Trip to json


Not so far I figured for myself out, that json isn’t just an interchange data format. It grows with days and become more and more similar to XML. Before “Not so far” I have faced only with jsonp, which is used for XSS’es.

At this time I found out, that there is such stuff like:

  • JSONRequest – library with 4 functions(post, get, clear, cancel), which is used for safe XSS-requesting by excluding all headers and cookies, cause they usually contains sensitive data
  • JSON-RPC, which is similar to XML-RPC protocol
  • JSONPath – analogue of XPath but for json
  • JSON Schema – analogue of XSD

So for now is missed 1 important part from these JSON–XML stack – XSLT. Within 5 minutes in google I found 2 implementatios of such functionallity for json: JSONT(js) and JOML(java). I suppose we might see soon some more official and specified implementation for json transformation technology.