First open-source experience.

Finally I pushed sources of an almost 9-month old solution to my github. That’s WPF application to work with Upwork API. For now it does fast nothing except of receiving job offers. There is possibility to keep several pages with different filters, rows with jobs could be expanded for more details and have buttons with url to appropriate job web page.
API has much more possibilities, which I hopefully will add sometime, the only thing here is lack of documentation about answers from server (I’m about fields and their types).
Main reason to put solution onto github is .NetStandard1.1 library which interact with API and is written in C# – I didn’t find any implementations of similar libraries for .Net, so I hope it’ll be helpful for someone.
I tried to make application more comfortable (at least because I use it by myself), so application minimizes to tray instead of closing (actually that’s little unexpected) – to close the app choose “Close” from context menu of tray icon. There is EF7 + SQL CE used to store pages and filters, and are implemented popups for newly found jobs (on double-click on popup text you will open appropriate tab in application), popups could be disabled, otherwise it’s possible to set how long in seconds popup will be showed.
Unfortunately I can’t share my API keys, so I can’t put binary compiled version right away, because keys are easily extracted in this case. There is a way to receive API key by yourself and use it. Otherwise wait some time while I’m adding new separate library for requesting API under some license, which deny reverse engineering, because I don’t want to be responsible for key loss. If you know some other way to more securely share binaries, then let me know.
I’m open to any offers about ways to improve current implementation, so don’t hesitate to share your minds.


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